We’re StoryWorks and we like to tell stories.

Your Story. Your Brand’s Story.

We’re also a keen observers. We like to ask questions. We love finding and expressing the subtle – and not so subtle – differences.

How’s your Story different from the rest?

We’re interested in all kinds of Stories, especially yours.

Words matter. The right words will define your brand and set the course for where you want to go and what you want achieve.

That’s why John started StoryWorks and that’s why he loves to write.

We have written brand standards, managed sweepstakes and promotions, launched products, maintained high-level customer relationships, developed award-winning collateral pieces, explored and exploited new technologies, named skyscrapers, greeted customers, managed events, produced digital and television campaigns, made right customer service wrongs, written kick-ass copy  and positioned clients to entirely new audiences. John even sailed a 550-foot long ship across the ocean — twice!

We’re flexible and responsive here at StoryWorks HQ. As you can imagine, after 20 years managing C-Suite communications and helping build one of the world’s top brands, we bring great contacts and some really cool experiences to the table.  Depending on the client and the project, we have the ability to scale, or not scale, as necessary. Whatever it takes.

We’re all about taking a fresh perspective, embracing things outside the norm. We appreciate common sense. We believe these things enable us to provide winning brand and content solutions for a wide range of clients!

Let’s get to work!