To paraphrase Morrissey, sans angst, we like it when our friends become successful! 

Here at StoryWorks, we’re proud of our community.   Check out what a few fine folks are up to:

Royce Soble — Photographer turned bartender turned painter turned social connector, Royce is one cool customer. Creativity reigns supreme.

Sun In My Belly — The folks at SIMB work hard to make some of the most beautiful (and delicious) things happen in Atlanta. Our latest gig with The Belly is a podcast…stay tuned!

Only Girl of 5 — The images Lisa captures are as expressive and bold as her larger-than-life personality.  But they’re also reflective of her inner beauty and her geniune love for life.

Cherry Laurel Studio — My pal Liz from way back in the blogging days.  She turns out pretty incredible work on a century-old letterpress.

Smithworks Iron — Who knew the kid that paid me rent with paintings would become Atlanta’s most sought-after metal smith.  Jason is a multi-talented man.

Pattie Baker — Pattie is a former colleague from my very first job and is connected to just about anyone doing good for others in Atlanta.   Photographer, writer, community activist, fellow cyclist…extraordinary friend.

Suzanne Abbott — Su is one of our dearest friends.  We are proud to feature her tableaux prominently here at StoryWorks World Headquarters.  She also makes mean grits.

The Eddy — New-ish pal Sarah is hooking up killer marketing projects for lucky clients.   Another fearless creative doing things her way.

Ganek PC — Attorney Mark Seib is a partner and Managing Attorney at this fine firm.  He’s also a good friend and an early supporter/encourager of StoryWorks.

Lindsay Denman — A beautiful aesthetic and a common sense approach to marketing, branding and design make Lindsay’s work special.  Glad to call him friend.

Vicki Powell — Laying down phat beatz and infectious grooves, Vicki has pretty much single-handedly revitalized Atlanta’s dance scene.  She’s gaining national attention and we couldn’t be more pleased.

InterglobeOn a bicycle, Rita’s one tough cookie!  In person, this kind, gentle soul is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  Her personal history informs and teaches us all how to succeed through cross-cultural understanding.

Chef Russell Hays — Russell is one of my very best friend’s baby brother.  He’s had a delicious career creating the most beautiful food.  His sweet spot is dessert.  He’s now cooking up some new ideas in newer media!